Immigration Consequences Of Crimes

Any law violation can have a disastrous effect on a foreign national’s current status in the United States as well as longer-term options to remain – or even visit the United States – forever. Criminal convictions, even those that are expunged or committed while a juvenile, count under immigration law.
We have handled thousands of immigration cases involving prior criminal acts and counsel our clients on their best options, before, during and even after their criminal proceedings have been concluded. We also work with leading criminal defense attorneys to advise on the immigration consequences of criminal convictions to ensure that plea bargain and other agreements do not unwittingly cause status problems for their clients.

Mr. Ewusi’s vast experience speaks for itself. He is thoroughly knowledgeable and highly efficient. I consider him a valued asset in our field of immigration law.

N. David Mufuka Immigration Attorney on Nov 13, 2014

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