EB1C: A Guide to Application and Benefits

EB1C: A Guide to Application and Benefits

Mar 8, 2024

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The EB1C visa category is a golden opportunity for multinational managers and executives eyeing a permanent move to the United States. Designed to facilitate the transfer of top-tier management talent, this visa not only strengthens U.S. businesses but also offers a direct path to a green card for qualified applicants. In this detailed guide, we'll dive into the qualifications required, the application process, and tips to enhance your application's success rate.

Understanding the EB1C Visa

What is the EB1C Visa?

The EB1C visa is a priority employment-based category reserved for multinational managers or executives who have been employed outside the United States in the three years preceding the petition for at least one year by a firm or corporation and who are being transferred to the United States to serve in a managerial or executive capacity for the same employer or a subsidiary or affiliate.

Eligibility Criteria

Eligibility hinges on several key criteria:

  • Managerial or Executive Role: Applicants must demonstrate a significant role in the company's management, directing the organization or a major component or function of the organization.

  • Employment with the Company: The applicant must have been employed outside the U.S. with the same employer, an affiliate, or a subsidiary for at least one year in the three years preceding the application.

  • Intended Role in the U.S.: The U.S. role must also be managerial or executive.

The Application Process

Navigating the Process

The EB1C visa application involves meticulous documentation and strict adherence to guidelines:

  1. Petition Filing: The U.S. employer must file Form I-140, Petition for Alien Worker, on behalf of the applicant.

  2. Provide Proof of Eligibility: Submit evidence of the applicant's managerial or executive role and the qualifying relationship between the U.S. and the foreign employer.

  3. Wait for Approval: Upon approval of the I-140 petition, if a visa number is available, the applicant can apply for adjustment of status to a lawful permanent resident if they are already in the U.S., or apply for an immigrant visa if outside the U.S.

Preparing Your Application

To bolster your EB1C application:

  • Document Everything: Keep detailed records of your managerial or executive responsibilities.

  • Organize Your Evidence: Present clear evidence of the company's structure, your role, and the direct reports under your supervision.

  • Legal Expertise: Consider consulting with an immigration attorney to ensure your application accurately reflects your qualifications.

After Visa Approval

Adjustment of Status

Upon approval, EB1C visa holders can apply for adjustment of status to become lawful permanent residents (green card holders), a process that includes biometrics, an interview, and potentially a medical examination.

Bringing Family Members

EB1C visa holders can also bring their spouses and unmarried children under the age of 21 to the United States, where they may apply for permanent residence.


The EB1C visa category offers a streamlined path for multinational managers and executives to contribute their expertise to U.S. companies while providing them and their families a chance at permanent residency. By understanding the eligibility criteria, preparing a robust application, and navigating the process with precision, you can maximize your chances of success. This visa not only benefits the U.S. economy but also opens up a world of opportunities for international business leaders and their families.


For further details on the EB1C visa process and eligibility, visit the official U.S. Citizenship and Immigration Services (USCIS) website. Additionally, for personalized assistance and more information, check out our website.

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