10-Year Green Card via Marriage: Guide by Fibi Law Firm

10-Year Green Card via Marriage: Guide by Fibi Law Firm

Aug 24, 2023


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Introduction: The Marriage Pathway to a 10-Year Green Card

Marriage can not only unite two people in love but also pave the way to a stable life in the United States through a 10-Year Green Card. While the opportunity is exciting, the process can be complex and often stressful.

This comprehensive guide aims to help you and your spouse navigate the intricate pathways to successfully secure a 10-Year Green Card through marriage. Remember, Fibi Law Firm is here to assist you through this journey. Our expert team offers free consultations to answer any questions and address concerns you might have.

Understanding the Basics: What Does Marriage-Based Green Card Mean?

When you secure a Green Card through marriage, you gain the right to live and work in the United States alongside your spouse. Initially, you might receive a conditional Green Card, valid for two years. However, you can apply to remove these conditions and acquire a 10-Year Green Card.

It’s essential to grasp the differences between a conditional Green Card and a 10-Year Green Card. The latter offers greater security and fewer restrictions, making it a highly sought-after immigration status.

At Fibi Law Firm, we can guide you in distinguishing between these two types of Green Cards. A free consultation with us can set your path straight right from the start.

Are You Eligible? The Crucial First Step

The first critical step in the application process is confirming your eligibility. To qualify for a 10-Year Green Card through marriage, you must be legally married to a U.S. citizen or a Green Card holder and meet certain other requirements, such as financial stability.

Determining eligibility is a complex matter, involving multiple variables. Failing to meet even one criterion can jeopardize your entire application.

Our free consultations at Fibi Law Firm can help you thoroughly assess your eligibility. With our guidance, you can initiate the application process with full confidence.

Compiling the Necessary Documents: What You Need

The next stage involves gathering various essential documents, ranging from marriage certificates to financial records. You’ll also need to fill out forms like the I-130, Petition for Alien Relative, among others.

The documentation stage is tedious and detail-oriented. Missing a single paper or making an error can result in delays or application denial.

The experienced team at Fibi Law Firm knows exactly what documents you’ll need. During our free consultation, we provide a customized checklist to make this step as seamless as possible for you.

Filing the Application: How and Where?

Submitting your application package correctly is a critical step. Depending on your specific situation—such as whether you are already residing in the U.S. or are outside the country—the submission process varies.

Incorrect or incomplete submissions can lead to delays and complications. It’s crucial to get it right the first time to avoid any setbacks in your journey toward a 10-Year Green Card.

With Fibi Law Firm guiding you, you’ll know exactly how and where to file your application, ensuring it gets into the right hands without delay.

The Financial Aspect: Affidavit of Support

The Affidavit of Support is a legally binding document that your spouse must provide to show they can financially support you. This ensures that you won’t become a “public charge,” or a burden to the U.S. government.

Getting this right is essential for the success of your application. Your spouse’s financial stability needs to be convincingly demonstrated through this affidavit.

Fibi Law Firm specializes in preparing compelling Affidavits of Support. With our free consultation, you can gain valuable insights into creating a strong and credible financial profile.

Interview Prep: What to Expect

Typically, couples applying for a Green Card through marriage must attend an interview. This step can be nerve-wracking, but preparation is the key to success.

Knowing what questions you might face and having all the necessary supporting documents can turn this daunting experience into a smooth-sailing one.

At Fibi Law Firm, we offer thorough interview prep, leveraging our deep experience in marriage-based Green Card applications to prepare you for a variety of scenarios.

After Approval: What’s Next?

Once your application is approved, you’ll be on your way to receiving your 10-Year Green Card. But remember, even after approval, there are some responsibilities to keep in mind to maintain your status, like renewing the Green Card before it expires.

Fibi Law Firm stays with you even after your application approval, guiding you through the steps that follow to ensure your new status remains secure.

Conclusion: Secure Your 10-Year Green Card Through Marriage with Fibi Law Firm

Marriage opens a direct, albeit complex, path to a 10-Year Green Card. But with thorough preparation and expert advice, this pathway can lead to a fulfilling life in the United States for you and your spouse.

Remember, Fibi Law Firm offers free consultations, helping you navigate each stage of the process. Trust us to simplify this journey, paving the way for you and your spouse to secure your futures in the U.S.

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