Get Your US Permanent Resident Card - Apply & Renew Now

Get Your US Permanent Resident Card - Apply & Renew Now

Mar 20, 2024

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Navigating the intricacies of obtaining, renewing, or replacing a US Permanent Resident Card, commonly referred to as a Green Card, can be a daunting task. This comprehensive guide aims to demystify the process, presenting a clear pathway through the eligibility criteria, application procedures, and the rights and responsibilities that come with the card.

Eligibility Criteria for a Green Card

Understanding who is eligible for a Green Card is the first step in the application process. Eligibility can be based on employment, family sponsorship, refugee or asylum status, and other special programs. Each category has its specific requirements and pathways.

Application Process Overview

  • Adjustment of Status vs. Consular Processing: Applicants already in the U.S. may seek an adjustment of status, while those outside the U.S. will undergo consular processing.

  • Required Documents: Generally, applicants will need to provide evidence of eligibility, identity, and a completed application form.

  • Fees: Application fees vary by process and individual circumstances. It’s crucial to check the latest fee schedule on the USCIS website.

Navigating the Application Process

  • Step-by-Step Guidance: From filling out the initial application to attending the biometrics appointment and interview, we break down the steps.

  • Dealing with Issues: We address common problems applicants may face, including delays and requests for additional evidence.

Renewing or Replacing Your Green Card

  • When to Renew: Green Cards are typically valid for ten years. It’s advisable to start the renewal process six months before expiration.

  • Replacement: Lost, stolen, or damaged Green Cards can be replaced by filing Form I-90 with USCIS.

Rights and Responsibilities of Green Card Holders

Holding a Green Card comes with the privilege of living and working permanently in the U.S., but it also entails specific responsibilities, such as obeying all laws and filing U.S. taxes.

Special Considerations

  • Changing Addresses: It’s a legal requirement to inform USCIS of address changes, especially if your application is pending.

  • Tracking Your Green Card: After approval, you can track the delivery of your Green Card through the USCIS website.

  • Understanding Public Charge Rules: The public charge rule can affect applicants likely to rely on government assistance, impacting eligibility.


Armed with the right information and guidance, navigating the Green Card process can be less intimidating. Whether you’re applying for the first time, renewing, or replacing your Green Card, this guide provides the resources you need to embark on the journey with confidence.


For more information, visit the official USCIS website and consult with immigration professionals to ensure compliance and the successful navigation of your Green Card application process.

  • U.S. Citizenship and Immigration Services (USCIS) Official Website: Provides comprehensive information on the application process for a Green Card, including eligibility, required documents, fees, and how to address common issues. Visit USCIS

  • Fibi Law Firm's Immigration Services: Explore expert legal assistance with your Green Card application, renewal, or replacement. Fibi Law Firm offers personalized guidance to navigate the complexities of immigration law. Learn more about our services

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