120-Day Clock: Post-Green Card Interview Insights by Fibi Law

120-Day Clock: Post-Green Card Interview Insights by Fibi Law

Aug 23, 2023


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Introduction: Beyond the Interview Room

Congratulations, you’ve completed your Green Card interview! But what happens now? The ensuing 120 days are a critical time frame that could define your future in the United States.

In this blog post, we outline the key stages and possible outcomes you can expect during these 120 days after your Green Card interview. Whether you’re anxiously awaiting a decision or are concerned about potential delays, we’ll guide you through the nitty-gritty.

Fibi Law Firm is dedicated to providing expert legal guidance throughout this period. With our help, you can maximize your chances of getting your Green Card as quickly as possible while avoiding pitfalls and setbacks.

The Initial 30 Days: Eagerly Awaiting News

The first month after your Green Card interview is a time filled with anticipation. USCIS usually aims to make a decision within this initial 30-day period. While many applicants breathe a sigh of relief when their application is approved promptly, it’s not always a guarantee.

Sometimes, additional reviews or background checks may prolong this period. While it’s hard to speed up bureaucratic wheels, knowing what to expect can ease your anxiety.

At Fibi Law Firm, we monitor any updates on your case during this critical period. We are your eyes and ears, ensuring that you remain fully informed about your application status. If additional documents are requested, we help you prepare and submit them to avoid further delays.

31 to 60 Days: Potential Requests for Evidence (RFE)

If you haven’t received a decision within the first 30 days, don’t panic. Sometimes the USCIS issues a Request for Evidence (RFE). An RFE is generally dispatched between the 31st and 60th day following your interview and means your application is under a more thorough review.

An RFE isn’t a denial; it’s an opportunity to strengthen your application. The key is to respond swiftly and adequately.

Fibi Law Firm specializes in crafting compelling responses to RFEs. We guide you on how to gather the requested evidence and prepare a convincing reply. Our meticulous attention to detail helps to minimize the risk of further delays or a negative outcome.

61 to 90 Days: Administrative Processing

By this time, if you haven’t heard back, your application might be under administrative processing. This phase often involves additional background checks and may take anywhere from a few weeks to several months.

While it’s natural to feel anxious during this period, remember that administrative processing is standard procedure. It doesn’t imply something is wrong with your application.

Our team at Fibi Law Firm remains vigilant throughout this time, checking for any updates or changes in your application status. If there’s any action to be taken, we’re ready with a strategic plan to guide you through it. We aim to keep your application on track and minimize the processing time.

91 to 120 Days: Making Inquiries and Preparing for All Outcomes

As you approach the 120-day mark, it’s essential to prepare for all possible outcomes. If you’ve yet to receive a decision, it may be beneficial to make inquiries about your application status.

Fibi Law Firm can assist in expediting this process. We help you draft inquiries and communicate with USCIS to ascertain the hold-up in your application processing.

We also prepare you for potential outcomes, whether it’s gathering additional documents for a surprise RFE or bracing for a denial, which we will ardently appeal. The closer you get to the 120-day mark without a decision, the more proactive you should become.

What Happens After 120 Days: Immediate Steps to Take

Once you’ve crossed the 120-day threshold, if you haven’t received a decision, it may be time for more aggressive action. You could consider filing a writ of mandamus to compel the USCIS to make a decision or consult with a legal advisor on next steps.

This is where Fibi Law Firm becomes indispensable. Our lawyers have extensive experience dealing with delayed Green Card applications and can guide you through the labyrinthine legal processes involved.

Whether it’s through legal action or persistent communication with the USCIS, we remain committed to helping you achieve your American dream and will explore all available avenues to get you there.

Conclusion: Guiding Your Journey With Fibi Law Firm

The 120 days following your Green Card interview are filled with hopes, anxieties, and lots of questions. While we can’t make the clock move faster, Fibi Law Firm is here to make each tick count.

Our comprehensive legal services ensure that you’re not just waiting but actively improving your chances for approval. From the initial 30-day anticipation period to navigating RFEs and beyond, we stand by you at every step.

By entrusting Fibi Law Firm with your Green Card journey, you’re taking a significant stride toward making your American dream a reality.

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