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  • FIBI Law, meaning FOR IMMIGRANTS BY IMMIGRANTS, is a law firm created to solve the problem of lawyers that are not sensitive to the difficulties experienced by immigrants in the United States.
  • We are a team of lawyers and licensed legal professionals practicing immigration law.
    What makes us unique is that we are all immigrants or first generation Americans. Many of our team have gone through the immigration process…

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The United States has always welcomed immigrants. However, since 9/11, due to the actions of a few,immigrants in the United States are subjected to stricter examination and enforcement. This is affecting good and honest people who are seeking to live in this country for good and legitimate reasons.

In such an environment, immigrants who have to devote most of their time working to take care of their families do not always have enough time to find their ways through a multitude of changing policies, regulations, and complicated procedures.

FIBI Law Firm has been helping clients with their immigration issues in all states in the US and in different countries. It does not matter where you are located, our team is personally committed to helping clients resolve their immigration issues.

FIBI Law Firm has experience with clients seeking immigration services, from simple visa applications to deportation defense and other complex immigration issues. We are capable of helping clients speaking various languages.

If you need assistance with your visa application for yourself, your family member, or if you are facing a deportation order or any other immigration situation, or whether it is a business-related immigration issue, we will be very pleased to listen to you and share with you all immigration options available to you. We provide excellent professional representation before immigration courts and other government agencies and departments handling your case. Our fees are reasonable. You can count on us.


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